A little bit about myself, I’m a self-taught photographer and a writing enthusiast, with a passion for interior design and a growing, and absolutely adorable, handmade collection.

It all started about two years ago after moving to the city of Hamburg, Germany. What with writing, that has always been one of my passions, little time as I put into it up until now but, that’s how it all came down to the photography blog. The camera I work with is a Pentax K-70 mid-level DSLR, that allows me to take the frames I set out for, without using up any extra time for editing. What I envisioned is what you see, no matter how many shots it takes, because I just love doing this, capturing raw emotions.

I’m usually a harsh critic on myself, I’m my worst nightmare. But if there is one thing photography taught me, is to keep trying until the result matches what I visualized. That’s tough, close to impossible for me, in many aspects of my creativity. But when this stubborn smile crawls out from behind the lens, that’s when I know it all just payed off.

All the love,