With Snow In Mind

It’s Thursday. And even if I’m not on the slopes scratching the snow as I leave my marks, or cracking the ice wandering around, sit under tree tops hanging low and blinded by the sun reflected in the snow, I say it’s Thursday, January 21st 2021, and here we are.

Armed with all the snow I can gather, a selection of my most favorite pictures, get ready for an avalanche of nice memories because here they come.

Don’t know about you but here, in Hamburg, today was a dark and cold day, quiet, unique in it’s way, that kind of dark-blue gray beauty but all I could think of were these snowy days. Sparkling lights everywhere.

My Christmas tree is still up and so are the lights, probably cause I like them too much. As is the Christmas movie list that I am sort of starting all over again. What?! It’s fun. Too much “winter” outside for it to be done.

All the love,


Another Day, Another November

Another day of autumn, yet I can’t quite say that.

[Repost from November 2020]

In my attempt for another seasonal photo session, I ended up at the botanical garden close to home.
It’s where I usually go with a book, for a cozy spot to sunbathe or just have a mouth-full of peace and quiet and connect with nature, barefoot walking on the grass.

It was this Saturday, at noon. Plan of the day was making Plum Knedles which I like so much at this time of the year. Instead I got my bike and camera and headed out for more autumn scenery, since the sun was begging for it. To my surprise, I found lots and lots of flowers even though it’s so cold outside.

Days like this are a reminder photography thought me so much. Brought so much insight into what I can and can’t do, my ability to comprehend the things around and how I relate. On days like this, showing me that things are simply more than what they might seem. This beauty, was meant to be just warming up with the camera before getting to all the flowers around, even though I could feel my curiosity tickled by its texture.

Resembling fireworks, it was surrounding a palm tree, majestically keeping it in the spotlight, creating a little oasis in the middle of the garden.
Here it is, in the list of mouth-full of things I’ve learnt from photography, is keep trying until what I visualized matches the end result.
Yeah, everyone keeps saying things like that. I’ve seen it before but not quite so tangible as when I set my lens on certain things. “Lensing” it for tens of minutes searching every angle, taking picture after picture till I find the best light, but in the end it all pays off.

It has taken me years of frustration and endless attempts at crafts and arts to figure myself out. It’s the creative curse, the labor of love, because in the end it all happens due to the amount of emotions to share, as any artist would say. There’s a heavy burden to carry, but what a story to tell.
Every act of creation, leaves a mark, a lesson or a message to carry on. Every creation is all that summed up, it’s a little piece of my soul, is a smile, a thought, a story to be carried out. That is why I believe all it takes is heart.

All the love,


Fall In Love Hamburg

I know I have.

[Repost from November 2020]

This time of the year is an undeniable masterpiece when it comes to the colors it paints everything in. Not to mention the harvesting which whether you’re living in or outside of the city, you can still taste somehow.

For me personally, that’s how it feels, when I walk home and the streets are filled with chestnuts, mushrooms and acorns. Vivid green shell, wrapped around this shiny burgundy-brown deliciousness, all yummy on the inside, waiting to be roasted, not that I’ve tried one up until now.

But speaking about harvesting, something seemed so familial this year. Getting to know this place, feeling a bit more accustomed with traditions and ways around, I started looking up for recipes with chestnuts.
To my surprise there are more kinds, some edible, some not so much. Yet, going down the street from my home with a weaved basket, picking up chestnuts, does feel like home, on childhood summer vacations.

Been waiting impatiently for the weather and my timetable to let me grab my camera and take a bite of this picturesque time of the year. Just about time, the sun was shining bright, only a few clouds scattered around and by the time I finished, rain was already back.
I went for one of those walks, where I sit around quietly for tens of minutes “lensing” at certain things from every corner. That is until I find my frame and perfect light.
Things like the leaf that bejeweled a white picket fence, with its golden hue and shape. The carpet of Oak leaves, with that sound when you walk, being all crunchy and soft at the same time, spreading your way as if they welcome you around.

All those leaves have been soaking up the sun as if to bring it in the Fall at our feet. Maybe it is my love for nature, but it’s hard not to see its wonders. I believe all it takes is heart.

All the love,


Sweet September

You know it’s September when the trees wear gold-like crowns and there are golden carpets of leaves spread all around.

[Repost from September 2020]

This is also the time I like to visit the swan family by the river Alster.
Sunny and still warm out, made me take a short trip to Jungfernstieg, the heart of the city. There was this deep blue sky that day that you just can’t believe your eyes so you keep looking at it, making sure you don’t miss out a cloud. Where on a sky like this you might see your dreams take shape in that velvety white.

What I love about strolling the city, is that along with discovering this beautiful city and learning new places, I get to actually feel its pulse, find hidden photography treasures. Completely mesmerized by its beauty, I find the City Hall in a new frame. As soon as I captured this moment, I see it for the first time since I am here, this old tower. I found my treasure.

Walking without taking my eyes off of it. Just like I was under a spell. Oblivious to what was going on around me, wondering how is this the first time I see this hidden jewel of architecture.
How was I to capture its moment, to transpose this fortress of time for everyone else to see what I see. Much like a story that hangs on every word from its narrator, to surpass the expectations and reach into the audience’s heart.
Perhaps there is nothing more to say about it than what it says for itself. Standing there proud, like a fortress watching over the Alster river and the serene faces walking around.

It was ,undeniably, a perfect day for a river cruise, clear piercing blue sky with a warm, soft breeze. However, I was lucky enough to just stretch my arms high, point the camera and take this moment home, treasure it.
What captured my attention was seeing a cute duck bathing, enjoying the solitude, secluded there between these cruise boats. The sun caressing each little wave she made. I did not dare to further interrupt.

All the love,


Poppies In June

When you think of June, you think of beginning of the summer, sunny days, vacations, sun bathing and flowers everywhere and the symbol of them all, poppy flowers.

[Repost from June 2020]

With its burning red veiled petals and bejeweled with the poppy seeds, these days, it’s inspiring people everywhere.

Not far from where I live, on one of the sidewalks, I saw for a few days passing by, this beauty, blooming in this intense red color. It was a brick-orange earlier these days and by the time I got to it, it was this incredible shade of red that reminds me of a flamenco traditional dress. The shape of these veiled petals look as if you are watching a dancer passionately expressing their story through those unique movements, up close to the stage, it’s almost like you can even hear the music.

This makes me think of something I drew as a child, that always stuck with me. It was my first painting, because till that point my mom used to help me with my drawing class assignments. This was all me. I remember thinking about the subject and not long after, this idea came before my eyes of looking through the tall grass and flowers, up towards our world, as if through the eyes of a ladybug. Loved the thought of it and how much joy it brought me thinking about that small ladybug, sitting there on the leaf of grass, sunbathing, enjoying the silence around and all the energy coming from the ground, as if the whole world was created for her to be there at that exact moment and enjoy it all.

All the love,


My December

Once again found myself wandering about town with the camera, at my favorite time of the year.

[Repost from December 2019]

Between lots of work and family events, decorating and baking, went out to lunch on a cold but truly beautiful December day for some afternoon strolling.

Might seem strange but there is a place, a cathedral or something, don’t even know its name, but I feel like I just lose myself there. In that exact spot, the feeling is so overwhelming, can’t explain. There are so many beautiful places in this city, but that spot, right there, is my favorite and today I feel I finally captured it.

Not far from here, there is a Christmas Market, right next to the City Hall, a building that looks nothing less of an enchanted castle.

The Jungfernstieg Christmas Market, right next to the city hall palace (above) is where many gather at this time of year. Full of cheer and lights, gingerbread cookies and spiced wine, in this cold December weather, it warms your heart. Probably what I love most about this month, the way it brings people together and makes such bright memories out of long cold nights.

All the love,


Little Bit Of Summer

Somehow by surprise summer returned in Hamburg And so, on a Thursday after work, rushed through the city at this location, the Elbsee/Elbe River, for a quiet afternoon.

[Repost from July 2019]

It’s not about the location, it’s this city, that unveils itself to us, day by day, season by season, bringing new ways to be thankful and enjoy the simple things in life.

The soft white sandy beach, sprinkled with foot-busting rocks at times, brought the peaceful relaxing afternoon I was hoping for. For the point of this outing, I got to capture the sunset with my mobile but I find the result adorable, bringing me to the idea of doing this more often. The golden hour in Hamburg is in fact famous and I can now see why.

This post might seem like one summer/beach enthusiast at first, but believe you me, I am not one, or at least, been indifferent to it all my life. Mountain side was always preferred but that all changed since this city has it all. Not sure why, as I’ve been hearing complains around, but for me that’s how it is living here. All I ever wanted or hoped for, at the reach of my hand. Got mountains with snow, forests just as you step out of your home, lakes with friendly duck families, river big enough to astound everyday and one of the biggest harbors in Europe, with cruise ships and any other sort of nautical contraptions you can think of.

untitled image

The Landungsbrucke clock-tower always makes me think of a lighthouse. Located by the bridge that connects the city to the Elbe River, this simple yet imposant tower, stands close overlooking the harbor. At sunset it resembles more with something out of the ‘Peter Pan’ children story, which is probably why the moment captured resounds the word ‘adorable’ to my mind.

Like waves of emotions in a heart full of love these waves glisten with the golden threads of sunset. The city silhouette embraces the quiet as the sun is sinking into this golden ocean of a sky.

All the love,


Joy Of June

My first June in Hamburg had brought so much joy seeing the sun’s warm embrace painting our cheeks red, kids playing under fruit abundant trees, grass full of flowers and my absolute favorite, the sun beams playfully striking through trees.

[Repost from June 2019]

I love rain and cloudy days, but I have come to learn something of a beautiful lesson about the present and how to treat every day to its beauty.
Kept wondering about this thrive the people of Hamburg have, on sunny days, to come out on the nearest green space and greet the sun.

After close to a year living in this beautiful city, I now know their thrive. It’s not the rainy and cloudy weather as I presumed, because I so enjoy those days. It’s the skyline, the breathtaking skyline of this city that just calls you to the show.
On 13th of June I got front row seats. Home on a Thursday, I grabbed the camera and a book and hit the Eichtal Sonngarten.

No one around but a sweet family of duckies on the lake just near by, found a secluded place and enjoyed a magnificent show with the clouds making spectacular shapes on that heart-imprinting blue sky. I was speechless. The view, the moment, the simple joy of life.

Everyday the scenery changes, everyday the sunlight brings out different details on trees, plants, flowers, building and clouds, all the things I love taking pictures of. Followed my heart and captured this moment with the plants and flowers of the Eichtal Sonngarten.

All the love,


April Afternoon

This was an April afternoon. This tree, the meeting place for so many people everyday, nature loving people, that come sit on the bench under it waiting for someone dear or enjoying an ice cream. Petals fall like snow in a summer day, while you enjoy this view surrounded by blushing pink blossoms.

[Repost from April 2019]

It’s Planten und Blumen, the botanical garden, close to the Hamburg Harbor, situated at Dammtor Messe. Just the other day I was waiting for a friend on one of these benches when I saw two ducks flying above close, the friendly inhabitants of the lake here.

The lake, by the Japanese house, with its big gate and red traditional columns, that reflect the water, showcasing the sunset Japan is known for, so warm and serene, inviting you to just stop, sit and breathe, having a soul soothing moment, an oasis in the middle of the metropole.
Close to the Japanese house by the lake, you find the cherry trees. The colors and perfumes brought through these plants, through architecture and landscape architecture, is a replenishing oasis of an Asian corner of the world, right here.

Not far from the cherry blossoms we find yet another delight into this Asian oasis. Whether the origin of these plants is Asian in fact, one thing is certain, there is something spell-biding in the air.

This was an April afternoon. With sun rays and flowers, with spring perfumed air and ground covered with petals, nature’s way of making each season memorable.

Sunny or cloudy above, there are stories all around, moments to capture. Thank you, Hamburg!

All the love,


Valentines In Hamburg

A cause for celebration. This was my first in Hamburg and curiosity didn’t let me stay aside so I headed for the heart of the city to feel its pulse on Valentine’s Day.

[Repost from February 2019]

It was a divine spring day, with one message all over the sky: Love is in the air. Because it was no where else to be found. HAH!

At this point my hands were freezing on the camera but all I could see was the warmth of the city as the sun was setting. A boat ride down the Alster river, smell of roses in the air, holding hands, locking eyes, love statements all around and that is how the story goes.

All the love,