A Walk In The Park

The simplest things can sometime take your breath away.

[Repost from November 2018]

Had this laid out completely different in my mind, but, as I was waiting for the path to clear, I’ve realized what I’m looking at. Could not have expected children suddenly walking by playfully into this Neverland misty setting.

It was all calm and quiet around, only when I stopped to capture this frame suddenly there were people coming and going on this enchanting path. Couldn’t blame them. So I patiently wait here on this chilly afternoon, that through some miracle, they choose a different path just for a moment. I’m sure that’s not too much to ask for. There must be a bear around with nothing to do but distract them with its cuteness for a moment or two.

untitled image

Having continued the walk through the park, I’ve come to the Japanese Garden. There is something about the simplicity of this garden that surrounds us with serenity even on a hands-freezing autumn day such as this. The strong blue sky line in the background, the lights and shadows display and the fall colors made it difficult to keep my freezing hands in the pocket.

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