The Holidays Special

At times of holidays we are surrounded by colors and emotions, sparkles and good Vibes.

[Repost from December 2017]

With close to about a month of vacation, I took the high road to Hamburg, Germany, and never have I expected to find this warmth and joyous display of emotion as I was walking the streets leading to Jungfernstieg that night. (#vacation#dream#lights) “Holidays are a special time if not for anything other than the moments and memories they surround us with. ”Welcome to this Holidays journey into the world of photography. Take a glimpse at the moments captured through the lens on the way to Jungfernstieg, at Christmas Eve, and enjoy the spell-binding details of the story.

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It all started on a Friday, December 15th, when I arrived for the first time into this city and fell in love with it. Some say it’s the most beautiful city. I say it depends into whose heart you’re looking because home is where home feels and that is where the beauty is.

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Trying out local traditions such as gingerbread sweets, that I’ve never cared much about before. Having to find their story from behind the lens, when even if not fond of this baked sweet as I find myself, it relays the seasonal message so joyfully through its various shapes such as heart shape, and the soul warming colors they are plentifully decorated with.

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Under the dark blue sky of the early setting sunset, there are crowds of shoppers and travelers, that as they walk by they share their story, through foreign language or their gift shopping. There, if you look closely at the background, you notice the playful lights and joyous colors that dress it all up into this holiday show waiting to be captured by wondrous spectators. (#Christmas #Stars #Hamburg #Colors #Sparkly #Sweets)

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When the night set laid its curtains over the city, a new show started. Beautiful night lights brought up architectural details and made it impossible to walk without looking up. Traditional and classic architecture mixed with modern and edgy structures. Just as it offers mountain-looking scenery as well as ferryboat rides, this city never fails to surprise.
Night ended with a walk to the City House, this architectural statement of commitment and passion towards art, listening to the beautiful tolls of the bells as the hour strikes midnight.

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